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Armed and Nerded-016 Your Weird Questions

Questions answered from the audience. Today we touch on zero distances, cleaning methods, what your mom likes and why it burns when you pee. Full list of topics below

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00:00 Introduction

3:34 Ice Breakers

6:24 Well Regulated militia

9:08 Is airsoft training

13:08 Is PSA good?

17:02 .22LR of 5.56?

19:21 Cleaning your guns?

23:23 Oil vs grease

27:30 When will targeting computers go commercial?

30:40 Rail guns?

33:57 Straight wall cartridge hunting

37:00 Carry handle Ars?

38:26 Serbian Export ban

40:49 Future applications for Bruen

44:07 AK innovations

46:56 Target practice with non firearms

48:01 Spotting scope

49:46 What Distance to Zero

52:49 Talking trash about other creators