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Armed and Nerded 013- 7 Fantasy Novels You Should Read

A lot of what I do in the real world is very technical. In my spare time, when I’m not working or spending time with my friends and family I like to escape. That escape can take many forms; however, often times I turn to audio books and reading to find it. These novels have been great for that, but I think that each of them holds a greater significance on how I interpret the world around me. I am going to discuss each of them and give you a primmer on why you should pick it up. Even if you aren’t a nerd.

Here are all my links including the affiliates page where all the discounts live:

Lord of the Ring (Baseline of Fantasy writing) primmer
Song of Ice and Fire
Gotrek and Felix
Stormlight Achieve
The Witcher
The Black Company (honorable mention)
The First Law