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Armed And Nerded 006 – Why Do Guns Need to be “Tactical”?

In today’s show I want to explore the reasons why it seems the majority of firearms today are an AR-15 shaped cookie cutter. There is so much emphasis on the polymer, aluminum, hysterical numbers of attachment points that no one ever uses, and functionalities that only a subset actually understand. What is the point and why is it that innovation is being stifled by the unending drive of the consumer to buy the same rifle over and over again.

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I have broken this episode down by chapters
00:00 Why does everything have to be tactical?
03:09 How did we get here
06:41 Firearm Manufacturing crisis
12:18 Crisis buying Guns
14:16 Tactical Guns Don’t Work everywhere
28:24 Concerning firearm trends happening now
35:55 Marketing VS Reality