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Talking Lead 522 – Bar Brawls, Handcuffs & Roller Skates

In this WILD Episode of Talking Lead: Stories from this year’s largest gun show in the world SHOT SHOW aka The SH*T Show. Joining Lefty to tell us their first-hand tales: Stunt Professional/Operator Tracy Lee (@TracyGuns), Fitness Guru/Police Sergeant Ashley Smith (@OfficerAshleySmith), Competition Shooter/Non-binary Explosives Expert Ton Jones (@TonJonesOfficial), Professional Firearms Trainer/Political Commentator Paul Markel (@StudentOfTheGun) and Lefty’s right-hand-man Evan Floodman (@Floodmunitions). Hear about everyone’s range day experiences, show-floor travels, night time escapades and behind the scenes tales of the big Circle Bar brawl, Las Vegas traffic stops, and Trump JR. encounters!