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Gunfighter Cast – 163 – Range Bag Essentials

In today’s podcast, we discuss all the essentials Varg and I have with us when we’re at the range. Our minimum equipment preferences allow us to be safe, prepared, and proactive. Although the contents and brands may vary, we’re going to highlight some of our favorite equipment and brands. Hopefully, this will help you prepare for your next training session or range day.

3:05 For his everyday range bag, DS suggests, 

“I use the 511 Range Ready 43L. It’s got great compartments. I don’t use every compartment in it [due to] the way they’re designed, but I’ve always found it to be a very good range-bag. It’s taken a beating throughout the years and it’s held together and hasn’t fallen apart, so I’ve been really impressed with it for a very long time   


14:24 DS  Says, “I like minimalist gloves; high dexterity gloves myself. When you go buy high dexterity gloves somewhere, don’t be disappointed if you get a hole in your glove… it comes with the game with these high dexterity minimalist gloves, they do not last forever…I also like to have a thicker glove, maybe with some insulation in it for removing a hot suppressor.”


9:20 DS Says, “If I’m training with myself, I am not very picky about what magazines I use… if I’m shooting a Glock for example, I’m using Glock factory mags, BUT, if I’m going to the range, I have no problem with running some KCI, some ETS, even some SGM tactical, pro mag, some magazines we know are not the highest in quality…there are some magazines that just work better than others. Encountering a problem with your gun that you didn’t create, that you didn’t know was coming, is definitely a training opportunity.”  

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