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Gunfighter Cast – 161- Home Defense | Create the Advantage

Today we discuss concepts of home defense and home defense advantages. Broadly in this context, we’re referring to the “hearth and home” domicile perspective, i.e. where you live and sleeps and where your family lives and sleeps — it is not limited to such a place, however. A home (domicile) will usually be the location where the things you care about most are located. Although a home is not necessarily also a house, it is typically the most important structure or part of a structure, you might have to defend, and defense may be passive (i.e. keeping it secure while you’re away) or . Barring a work location and in some cases a vehicle, it is also likely the structure or location you’ll be spending the most time in. Prior consideration, planning ahead, and realistic-pragmatic preparation are always going to be the best home security systems you can invest in: though there’s no harm in “defense in depth” or layering!

8:05 DS Says, I have a ten-year-old son and my considerations would be different if it were just me and my wife or if it were just me alone– so what are some things people should be thinking about out there? VF responds,

“From all the training I’ve done and my personal experience, I think it’s best not to go looking for a fight, or to get sucked into a fight on someone else’s terms. That urge to go pick up your gun and go hunting is probably the worst idea. Especially when everything you love is behind you and you’re going venturing out into the house just aimlessly wandering around until you bump into a fight. That’s not a very good plan.”  

The better plan

“Pick the area you want to have the most advantage to have the fight at and then choose to have the fight there. Layouts are going to determine if it is possible for you to do this or not.The best possible option is to have an area of denial; this could be your bedroom and your kid’s bedroom…”

“If there’s missed rounds in that fight then there’s going to be missed shots from his end, and when there is, you don’t want to be standing right in front of your family.You need to set these areas up in a way that determines where the areas of fire are, where the missed rounds would go and also with enough space to keep them away from you and your loved ones and have that fight happen away from you.” –VF  

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Myth Alert

“One of the myths we don’t want to slip into is that you’re at an automatic advantage because this is your house and you know the terrain. That’s a ridiculous line of thought. The reason I say this is because it’s not like your house is incredibly different than anyone else’s house. We all have our houses set up in a very similar way… It’s not that hard to navigate intuitively.” –VF  

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